Paralegal Certificate:

A paralegal or legal assistant is a person-qualified through education, training or work experience and is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency or other entity. The paralegal performs specific legal work directed by a lawyer.

Paralegals conduct research, prepare memoranda, draft pleadings, deeds or contracts, interview clients or witnesses, prepare answers to interrogatories and assist in depositions. Paralegals may also perform real estate title searches, UCC searches, keep track of court calendars and deadlines, and organize and maintain client files. Paralegals may not give legal advice to the public or engage in the practice of law.

Required Courses

1st trimester:

LGL 101: Introduction to Law – 2 credits

LGL 102: Legal Research and Writing – 4 credits

LGL 103: Legal Ethics and Responsibility – 2 credits

2nd trimester:

LGL 104: Real Estate Practice – 3 credits

LGL 210: Family Law – 2 credits

LGL 211: Business Organization – 3 credits

3rd trimester:

LGL: 208 Litigation – 2 credits

LGL 209: Probate Practice – 3 credits

LGL 270: Cooperative Education/Work Experience – 3 credits

Total 24 credit hours