Specialty Cooks Certificate:

The Specialty Cooks Certificate program is designed to further education for those already in the field, as well as training students entering careers in Culinary Arts.  The program prepares students for positions as entry-level cooks in commercial food operations including: restaurants, hotels, resort, clubs and catering operations.

Required Courses:

CUL 099: Food Handling Certification (non-credit required course offered prior to and during first week of classes)

1st trimester:

MAT 101: Culinary Mathematics – 1 credit

CUL 103: Principles of Food Preparation – 3 credits

CUL 135: Service Management – 3 credits

2nd trimester:

CUL 115: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry – 2 credits

CUL 112: Advanced Food Preparation – 4 credits

CUL 105: Introduction to Baking and Pastry Arts I – 3 credits

3rd trimester:

CUL 109: Food Safety Certification – 2 credits

CUL 210: Catering Management – 3 credits

CUL 296: Cooperative Education (Externship) – 3 credits

Total 24 Credits