Specialty Cooks Certificate:

The Specialty Cooks Certificate prepares students for positions as entry-level cooks in food operations including hotels, motels, resort restaurants and catering operations. Students study both theory and practical management applications focusing on cooking on a kitchen line with a la carte service.

Required Courses:

CUL 099: Food Handling Certification (non-credit required course offered prior to and during first week of classes)

1st trimester:

MAT 101: Culinary Mathematics – 1 credit

CUL 103: Principles of Food Preparation – 3 credits

CUL 105: Introduction to Baking and Pastry Arts – 3 credits

2nd trimester:

CUL 109: Food Safety Certification – 2 credits

CUL 112: Advanced Food Preparation – 3 credits

CUL 135: Service Management – 3 credits

3rd trimester:

CUL 115: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry – 3 credits

CUL 210: Catering Management – 3 credits

CUL 296: Cooperative Education (Specialty Cooks Externship) – 3 credits

Total 24 Credits