The HCS of Linux – Computer Programming is designed to provide students with a full range of skills when it comes to administering Linux workstations and servers. Students will also learn to program in the most popular programming languages and will be able to write their own apps. They will also learn how to design and deploy websites and web apps. They will be prepared to work in a variety of IT and Computer Service jobs.

Required Courses

1st Trimester:

LCP 101: Fundamentals of the Linux Operating Environment – 3 Credits

LCP 201: Linux System Administration – 3 Credits

LCP 205: Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript – 2 Credit Hours

2nd Trimester:

LCP 210: Introduction to Programming with Python – 3 Credits

LCP 215: Introduction to Programming with Java – 3 Credits

LCP 220: Introduction to Programming Ruby – 3 Credits

3rd Trimester:

LCP 301: Video Game Development with Python – 3 Credits

LCP 305: Mobile Development with Javascript and React Native – 4 Credits

Total 24 credits