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Enrollment Agreement

This Enrollment Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between the Hope Center School ("HCS") located at 3 Hickman Street in Graniteville, South Carolina 29829 (803-272-7285) and the above listed student located at the above address with the above telephone number and email address. Above student has registered at HCS into the above Course of Study Program ("Program") consisting of 24 credit hours of classes over 3 trimesters which will culminate in the award of an HCS Program Certificate. The program begins at the above noted term and year and is scheduled to end twelve (12) months thereafter. HCS agrees to provide the selected Course of Study Program as described in the HCS Catalog and Student agrees to pay HCS the Tuition Payments and other related fees as set forth below, in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

Cost and fees payable to HCS are as follows:

    * All Programs: Tuition Cost at $160 per credit hour.

    * Paralegal Principles Program: $40 per Trimester for Legal Research access, e.g., LexisNexis®

    * Culinary Arts Program: $10 for the Food Handling Certification Study Guide (1st Trimester only) and $75 per trimester for food expenses.

An estimate of other expenses not payable to HCS that the Student will incur are as follows:

    * All Programs: Books and Supplies -$470 per trimester.

    * Culinary Arts Programs: 1st trimester only -- Uniforms ($200) and kitchen equipment such as knives ($300).

Assuming 8 credit hours are taken in each of the three trimesters (15 weeks per trimester), the total cost for each Program (amount paid to HCS plus other estimated Student Expenses) is estimated to be:

Culinary Arts Programs

Description of Estimated Student Costs
Assuming 8 Credit Hours each Trimester
1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester Totals
Cost of Tuition and Fees Payable to HCS $1365 $1355 $1355 $4075
Estimated Expenses Not Paid to HCS $970 $470 $470 $1910
Total Estimated Student Costs $2335 $1825 $1825 $5985

Paralegal Principles Program

Description of Estimated Student Costs
Assuming 8 Credit Hours each Trimester
1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester Totals
Cost of Tuition and Fees Payable to HCS $1320 $1320 $1320 $3960
Estimated Expenses Not Paid to HCS $470 $470 $470 $1410
Total Estimated Student Costs $1790 $1790 $1790 $5370

Costs and fees payable to HCS for a specific trimester shall be due two weeks before the first day the trimester begins. If payment is not received by the due date, the Student's registration will be voided and the Student will have to re-register for the Program, if space is available. There will be no additional fee for re-registering. After this Agreement has been signed, the Student's HCS tuition costs associated with the selected Program will not change during the twelve-month Program period.

The Student may cancel this Agreement without penalty by notifying HCS in writing within three business days after signing the Agreement ("3-day Cancellation Period"). In this event, all monies paid to HCS by the Student will be refunded. Costs and expenses incurred by the Student by the Student but not paid directly to HCS (e.g., for text books, uniforms, and kitchen equipment) will not be "refunded" by HCS. Grants and scholarships awarded by HCS to the student are applied to program costs and are not subject to refund.

After the 3-day Cancellation Period, if a Student withdraws enrollment from HCS before the beginning of the twelfth (12th) week of the first trimester of a Program, HCS will refund a pro rata portion of tuition cost paid by the Student rounded to the nearest 10 percent, less $100 for administrative costs. After the first trimester, absent mitigating circumstances, HCS will only refund tuition costs received for future trimesters and not the trimester the student is currently attending. Mitigating circumstances include but are not limited to those circumstances beyond the Student's control that prohibits pursuit of a Program, such as serious illness of the Student, death of the Student's immediate family, extended military service and extended jury duty. If mitigating circumstances are present, HCS will follow the pro rata refund policy refund policy noted above. HCS will make refunds within 40 days after the effective date of cancellation. The requested cancellation must be in writing. The three examples shown below illustrate how the Refund Policy works:

     1. Example 1: Student attended four weeks of a 15-week trimester, for which the tuition costs were $1280 (8 credit hours X $160 per credit hour). Student then withdrew from the course. 11 of the 15 weeks in the trimester were not completed: 11/15 = 0.733 or 73.3% not completed. Rounding to the nearest 10% = 70%. Base refund: 0.70 x $1280 = $896. HCS retains $1280 - $896 + $100 (administrative costs) = $484. Student Refunded: $1,280 - $484 = $796.

     2. Example 2: Student completed the first trimester and paid $1280 tuition cost for the second trimester. Student withdrew after five weeks of the second trimester. There were no mitigating circumstances. No refund is due.

     3. Example 3: Student completed the first trimester and paid $1280 in tuition costs for the second trimester. Student withdrew after four weeks of the second trimester (15 weeks) because of the death of an immediate family member - recognized mitigating circumstances. Student would be entitled to the same refund as calculated in Example 1, above.

HCS reiterates that (1) after the 3-day Cancellation Period, it refunds only tuition costs paid by Student to HCS and (2) grants and scholarships awarded by HCS are applied directly to program costs and are not refundable.

Questions on the refund policy can be directed to and answered by the HCS Financial Aid Officer.

Periodically, HCS offers full scholarships or grants for its Programs. Scholarships are evaluated based on need and merit by the Admissions Committee.

In compliance with SC State Regulation 62-19, by signing below the Student certifies that he/she understands and agrees with the following:

     1. The Student has received a copy of the HSC Catalog and this Agreement.

     2. HCS does not guarantee that credit hours earned at HCS will transfer to another institution.

     3. Completion of any HCS Course of Study or Certification Program does not guarantee employment.

     4. HCS does not provide any lending or financing plans for Students.

     5. Third Party Loans made by the Student (e.g., with a bank or individual) must be repaid according to the terms of the loan even if the Student does not complete the HCS Program, cannot get a job after completion of the Program, or is dissatisfied with the education and training received.
     6. Student has signed the HCS "Hold Harmless Agreement".

Unresolved disputes regarding this Agreement between HCS and the Student will be settled by Arbitration at each party's own expense.

If Student is under 18, parent must also print name. Printing your name in this box constitutes your signature and agreement with this Agreement.


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